Can Alabukun destroy Pregnancy? The Truth Revealed

Can Alabukun destroy Pregnancy?

As a Pregnant Woman who want to use Alabukun to treat headache, fever, or pains, you might be wondering if Alabukun can destroy pregnancy or not. Can Alabukun destroy Pregnancy?

People are asking if Alabukun can destroy Pregnancy and I'm here to answer the question. Using a home remedy method to prevent, terminate, or "destroy" pregnancy is no longer a new thing. While some work, others don't. Now, it's about Alabukun powder.

Can Alabukun destroy pregnancy
Can Alabukun destroy pregnancy? No, Alabukun cannot destroy pregnancy.

Alabukun does not have any content in it that can destroy Pregnancy, Not even 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. Alabukun contains caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid and none of them has a contraceptive element.

If you intend to use Alabukun to destroy your pregnancy, just get ready for baby pampers and baby food because you are going to be a mother in the next few months.

For pregnant women, Alabukun is safe during pregnancy and it cannot destroy pregnancy. Just take it moderately and according to the doctor's instructions.

If you are a pregnant woman and you want to know if you can use Alabukun powder, the answer is Yes. Even during the first trimester, Alabukun is not harmful to the pregnancy and it cannot destroy it.

However, if you want to know if Alabukun can be used to prevent pregnancy, the answer is NO. Alabukun cannot be used to prevent, terminate, or abort pregnancy even when the Pregnancy is still young.

Alabukun's main purpose is to treat mild headaches and fever, and also, it is a pain reliever. It has no content in it that can destroy pregnancy.

Is Alabukun safe in Pregnancy?

Can a pregnant woman take Alabukun powder? Yes, pregnant women can take Alabukun powder because the milligrams of both caffeine and Aspirin in Alabukun are moderate to be used for pregnant women.

Study shows that during pregnancy, women should limit the daily dose of caffeine to 200 milligrams, and Alabukun only contains 60 Milligrams of caffeine which is not even up to the half of recommended dose for a pregnant woman. With this, there is no way Alabukun will destroy Pregnancy.

Can Alabukun destroy pregnancy
Caffeine and Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid) Milligram.

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Alabukun cannot destroy pregnancy either by taking it as a pain reliever or by using it to abort a pregnancy. Alabukun is even recommended by doctors for pregnant women with a reoccurrence of pregnancy loss.

Alabukun is been abused by Africans especially Nigerian girls. They prefer to mix Alabukun with some other herbs to prevent themselves from getting pregnant instead of using the medically supported contraceptive pills.

Apart from the fact that Alabukun cannot be used to prevent or remove the pregnancy, ladies who use Alabukun with 7up or dry gin to prevent pregnancy should know that they are abusing the drug.

Can Alabukun Destroy pregnancy?


For those who want to know if Alabukun can destroy pregnancy, the answer is No. The milligrams of the content in Alabukun are not harmful to pregnant women and they cannot destroy pregnancy.

Even at an early stage, Alabukun is safe in pregnancy. Just like every other drug, it should be taken under the doctor's prescription and as moderate as recommended.

For the ladies who believed that Alabukun can prevent or terminate a pregnancy, you should understand that Alabukun is not a contraceptive medicine and it cannot prevent you from getting pregnant.

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