White Capsule and Dry Gin For Gonorrhea and STD Infections

White Capsule and Dry Gin For Gonorrhea and STD Infections

White capsule and dry Gin is believed to be able to cure Gonorrhea, staphylococcus, Syphilis, toilet infection, and other STD infection, but there is no scientific backup to show that the combo is safe and effective. The combination of chloramphenicol capsules (white capsules) mixed with dry Gin is been used by many people today to cure all kinds of infections. White capsule and dry Gin.

Many people believed that white capsule and dry gin can treat Gonorrhea and other STDs. This article shed more light on this claim.

Many people claimed that this remedy works for them, but my cent on using white capsules and dry gin to cure Gonorrhea and other STD Infections is that body differs. While it works for your friend, it may hurt you. Also, Using dry gin and white capsules to cure gonorrhea or other std can be dangerous to your overall health.

If you want to know if white capsules and dry gin can cure infections like Gonorrhea, syphilis, and staphylococcus, the answer is No. Though it's claimed to work, there is no evidence that it works.

White capsule and dry Gin
White capsule and dry Gin

Things to know about this myth:

Chloramphenicol (white capsule) and dry gin cannot cure Gonorrhea, Beecham Ampiclox cannot cure Gonorrhea, Red and yellow capsules (Tetracycline capsule) and gin cannot cure Gonorrhea, Dry Gin does not cure Gonorrhea.

In the search for a home remedy to cure diseases, so much damage has been done to our body system. Either by ignorance or negligence, we seem to have gone too far when it comes to home remedy issues.

As much as I am not against homemade concoctions, also known as a home remedy to solve health-related issues, I am going to give my honest opinion about using White capsules and dry Gin to treat STDs.

Now, we read on the internet that you can cure your gonorrhea if you mix a white capsule with Dry Gin and drink it. This is a Lie and not even close to the truth.

No amount of Dry Gin taken can cure your gonorrhea and other infections. If there is a need for you to treat gonorrhea or other infection, there is another way to do that. Stop buying the lie and get the right treatment.

Facts on the White capsule and dry Gin:

• Combination of a white capsule and dry Gin does not cure Gonorrhea and other STDs.

• Taking too much Dri gin can harm you.

• This combo is dangerous to health. Use another home remedy if you must treat your infection with a home remedy.

• If this remedy cure you now, you may need to repeat it again and again.

Home remedy is good when it is taken in the right way. I have written a series of home remedy tips on this blog with proper research and evidence to back most of it up.

I have met someone who claimed that white capsule and dry Gin work for infection treatment, But then, what happens a few weeks after this treatment? Oh, you want to know? The treated infections always come back. And this time, with full and stronger force.

I am disagreeing with the assumption of using white capsules and dry gin to cure gonorrhea and other std because the result is not permanent. Those who use this remedy are likely to experience symptoms of the treated infections again a few weeks after. What does this mean? It simply means that it is not effective and should not be recommended as a "Cure" to gonorrhea, other std, or as the case may be.

Now that you have discovered that the white capsule and dry gin remedy are not as effective as assumed, what you need to do is get the effective remedy.

Final thought:

White capsule and dry Gin should not be considered as an option to treat STD infections like Gonorrhea, staphylococcus, Syphilis, and others. Seek medical help if you need to treat yourself for any Sexually transmitted disease.

I'm a Nurse, wellness, and nutrition informant. I have worked with many health publishers in the past before creating InformantBlog InformantBlog.

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