5 Side Effect of Piment Doux You Should Know Before Using It

Side Effect of Piment Doux

Piment Doux is all over the place, effective in cleansing dark spots on the body such as dark spots on the knuckles, knee, fingers, toes, and even the face. But, do you know that this effective dark spot body cleansing cream has any side effects? Well, in this article, we shall discuss the major side effects of Piment Doux that nobody is probably talking about. Side effect of Piment Doux.

This article is only aimed to shed light on the side effects of Piment Doux cream/serum on the body and also to give an answer to those who are asking "What are the side effects of Piment Doux cream or serum?". I am not writing to condemn Piment Doux serum cream.

Side effect of Piment Doux
Piment Doux

Just like caro-white cream, White secret, Funbact A tube, and others, I think before using Piment Doux cream too, you should be aware that some side effects are likely to happen when you use Piment Doux cream.

Before talking about its side effects, let's quickly take a look at What is Piment Doux lightening cream.

What is Piment Doux?

Piment Doux serum lightening cream is one of the best dark spots removers without hydrocodone in it. Piment Doux is designed to remove dark spots and all kinds of skin pigmentation on faces, knuckles, armpits, fingers, and other parts of the body.

Piment Doux cream is used to remove dark spots and other skin pigmentation by applying the content of the cream on the affected area 2-3 times daily.

Piment Doux cream is good for the face. The Benefits of using Piment Doux are numerous such as clearing pimples, dark spots, sunburn, and clearing skin blemishes.

The cream is yellowish just like its pack. Piment Doux is usually recommended to be used alongside the Piment Doux soup, Piment Doux lotion, and Piment face cream.

Now that you know about what Piment Doux cream is, let's check the side effects of Piment Doux.

Side Effect of Piment Doux:

1. It causes Skin peeling
2. It causes Red Eyelids
3. It causes Sunburn
4. It is too strong for the skin
5. It can cause skin flaking

1. It Causes Skin Peeling:

Some Piment Doux cream users complain that the content peels off their skin after some days of using it. Skin peeling is one of the side effects of Piment Doux. So, you shouldn't be surprised or worried if your skin starts to peel a few days after you start using Piment Doux cream.

2. It causes Red Eyelids:

Applying Piment Doux cream on your face to remove dark spots left by pimples can cause red eyelids. This is another side effect of Piment Doux. Though the redness of the eyelid does not reduce the effectiveness of the cream and it will go away on its own with time.

3. It causes Sunburn:

It is advised to use Piment Doux only at night when going to bed or early in the morning to avoid sunburn on your face.

One of the most talked-about side effects of Piment Doux is that it does not contain sunscreen which protects the body from the sun thereby leaving the body with sunburn when used during the day. To avoid sunburn, you need to apply sunscreen after applying the cream.

4. It is too strong for the skin:

Nobody will tell you this, but Piment Doux cream is too strong for the skin and may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. How? Because it contains 
Alpha hydroxy acids. It can cause skin peeling and flaking. It is advised that you should use a moisturizer with Piment Doux.

5. It can cause Skin Flaking:

Skin begins to go flaky when the natural protective oil begins to dry up. Skin flaking can occur when the substance of your cream is too strong. Remember we talked about Piment Doux being too strong for the skin.

Side Effect of Piment Doux


Side effect of Piment Doux should not be talked out despite the effectiveness of the cream. Even though the side effects can be controlled and avoided, it is good that everyone who uses Piment Doux knows about its possible side effects.

Once again, this article is not against the use of Piment Doux, it is just aimed to give answers to those who want to know and ask what are the side effects of Piment Doux.

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