Agbo Typhoid to Daju: Yoruba Herbs For Typhoid

Agbo Typhoid to Daju: Yoruba herbs for typhoid

So many people are asking for the typhoid herb "Agbo typhoid to Daju" that can help them cure typhoid fever after trying many antibiotics without getting the expected result. If you are one of these people; congratulate yourself as you are about to get the real Agbo typhoid and Malaria herb that is very effective. The fact about typhoid everyone should know is that the bacteria that causes typhoid is now resistant to some of the antibiotics that were used to treat them before. And this is the reason why you need to support your antibiotics with an effective typhoid herb. Agbo typhoid to Daju: Yoruba herbs for typhoid.

Agbo typhoid to daju
Agbo typhoid to daju

Typhoid is called "Arun Jedojedo" or "Iba Typhoid" in the Yoruba language, and it is usually treated with Agbo Iba or Agbo Typhoid; Which are alternative herbs to support antibiotics. Typhoid is usually more severe than malaria especially when left untreated.

Another reason apart from resistance why antibiotics are not treating your typhoid might be because you have been using those same antibiotics for a very long time; therefore, it has mastered your body system. With this being said, Antibiotics are still good and of course, you should take antibiotics. The purpose of this article is to give alternative herbs that will help antibiotics to cure typhoid fever and not to abolish the act of taking antibiotics.

This article talks about Yoruba herbs for typhoid and malaria, how to prepare Agbo Typhoid and Agbo Iba, and also, the Yoruba cure for typhoid also known as Iba Jedojedo.

Agbo Typhoid to Daju - Yoruba herb for typhoid

This is the complete guide on how to prepare Agbo for typhoid fever and how to make Yoruba herbs for typhoid and malaria.

I can remember vividly when I was sick with malaria and typhoid, even though I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me drugs to use, I was still having headaches even after all other symptoms have disappeared. This was when someone told me that the reason might be because typhoid has not been completely cleared and again that typhoid does take time before it will leave the body system completely. I needed to use herbs to support the treatment I got from the hospital. So I got the herb I was told to get and boil it. After some days, I began to feel much better and the headache disappeared just in days.

Herbs are good to support modern medicine. I am not saying that you should not go to the hospital to get proper treatment. However, using herbs at home to aid the treatment you get from the hospital is not bad either especially Herbs for malaria and typhoid which are popularly called Agbo Typhoid and Agbo Iba. I have used herbs to treat malaria and typhoid, so I can guarantee you that this Agbo Typhoid is effective in the treatment of typhoid fever.

Agbo typhoid is common in Yoruba land. The ingredients are mostly sold by Yoruba women in the market and you can get them anywhere from the market. If you are not a Yoruba person, you can write down the ingredients on paper and take it to the market and show the market woman, she will give you what you need. You can also ask how to use it from the seller. The good thing about the Agbo typhoid is that it cures both typhoid and malaria. 

Typhoid is a bacteria infection and it is usually caused by eating contaminated foods and or drinking contaminated water. In this article, we shall discuss the effectiveness of the Yoruba herb known as Agbo typhoid or Agbo Iba.

Agbo typhoid to daju
Agbo typhoid to daju

Agbo typhoid to Daju - Yoruba herbs for typhoid

To prepare typhoid herb (Agbo typhoid) you will need Lemongrass, Mango leaves, Scent Leaves, Clove stick, Lime, and Pap water. This is how to make yoruba herbs for typhoid. The best part of this home remedy is that all the ingredients needed are the ingredients you see around you almost every day.

Ingredients to prepare Agbo typhoid to daju:

1. Mango leaves

2. Lemongrass

3. Dry pawpaw leaves

4. Scent leaves 

5. Lime

6. Clove stick

7. Fermented Corn water

How to prepare Yoruba herbs for typhoid:

• Gather all the ingredients in a pot and wash thoroughly.

• Slice the lime into two (Without extracting the water inside it) and put it in the pot.

• Pour the fermented Corn water inside the pot

• Boil for at least 45 minutes

How to use Agbo Typhoid

After cooking the herb, allow it to cool down, then take one glass cup 30 minutes after meal twice daily until your typhoid disappears.

Tip: While on typhoid treatment, always take plenty of water. This can also help the recovery process.

Agbo Typhoid to Daju - Yoruba herb for typhoid

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Conclusion on Agbo Typhoid to Daju

If you are the type who always treats typhoid fever from time to time, then you need these Yoruba herbs for typhoid to clear your system and cure your typhoid completely. To get the best of Yoruba herb known as Agbo Iba or Agbo typhoid, make sure that you follow all the given instructions. Remember that this herb is to help with antibiotics. Please, do not stop using antibiotics.

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