4 Amazing Ways to Spice up a Relationship Over Text

How to spice up a relationship over text - The ultimate step-by-step guide

Spice up a Relationship Over Text
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Are you wondering how you can spice up your relationship with your partner over text? Find no more as this guide will teach you certain things you need to do to spice up a relationship over text.

The complete guide on how to make your relationship more fun through text messages.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or not, the most important thing that can help to uphold a relationship is frequent communication. Not just communication, it should be a frequent one. This will always remind both parties involved in the relationship that they keep themselves first in their mind.

Spicing up a relationship with sweet text messages every day can prolong such a relationship. Through text, you can always reassure your lovers how much you love and care for them. This in return will give them confidence that they are with a partner that cares about them.

Without further ado, let's quickly check the 4 ways to spice up a relationship over text.

The 4 ways to spice up a relationship over text are;

1. Leave Romantic Notes
2. Send Romantic Letters
3. Draw each other
4. Text in different languages

1. Leave Romantic Notes

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to a romantic note from a loved one. A relationship can be spiced up over text in this way.

If you are planning to leave a romantic note for your lover, then, make it a surprise one. You can leave the note on the bed, wardrobe, or even the dining table.

This romantic note can be a poem composed by you or a song of love. Your partner will surely be happy to read such a romantic note from you.

2. Send Romantic Letters

Just like a romantic note, you can also send Romantic Letters to your partner via text message to spice up a relationship. This is an assurance of love. It will show that you have your partner in mind and that you always care for their feelings.

Remember that you need to do it romantically. Spice up the letter with sweet names you usually call him/her.

3. Draw each other

This might sound funny but it is not. This is another sure way to spice up a relationship over text. Get a pencil and drawing book and make a sketch of your partner, use their favorite picture to make the sketch, and send it through text. This way, you are passing a message to your partner that you will do anything to make them happy. Your partner may want to return this gesture by drawing you too, and by this, such a relationship will have a strong bond.

4. Text in different languages.

You need to think outside the box and do the unusual. You can also spice up a relationship over text by using different languages apart from the ones you communicate with to text a message.

You can learn different languages online and use them to spice up your relationship. For example, instead of texting "I love you so much", you can just decide to type it in Chinese or french. This will send a signal that you can go the extra mile just to make your partner happy.

These 4 ways can help to spice up a relationship over text and make your bounding strong.

However, if you are not the text type, there are of course other ways to spice up a relationship without text. Let's quickly check other ways to spice up a relationship.

6 other ways to spice up a relationship

1. Spend time together

The more you spend quality time with your partner, the more you get used to each other. It will be very easy to miss and remember them when they are not around.

Spending quality time with your partner will also give room to discuss your relationship, your likes, and dislikes, and many other things that are important to both parties involved.

2. Send Gift

Yes, send a Gift to your partner, it helps to spice up a relationship. You don't need to empty your wallet to do this. Just gift randomly in a relationship. It shows the level of commitment and connections you both share. Nobody wants to be with a stingy partner.

3. Shower together

This is for couples. It is good to take a shower with your partner. It will always leave a good memory even when you are not around them. This can also help to spice up your relationship.

4. Massage each other

Instead of going to the spa, you can just do it for him/her at home. A gentle massage on your partner can increase your bounds and also it's is an assurance that you care about them too.

5. Try a different look

Try a different hairstyle and dress and ask for your partner's opinion about your new look. This will show that you want them to contribute to your personal affairs and this will also tell that you care about them.

6. Always Reassure your love

Do not get tired of telling your partner how much you love them at every given opportunity. Reassurance means a lot. It also means that your love for them remains strong and that you don't forget your promises.

Conclusion on how to spice up a relationship over text

Learning how to show your love for your partner over text is very important in a relationship. Remember they will not always be with you. Sweet texts will always show that you care about them even though they are not with you at the moment. Effective communication is the key to a lasting relationship.

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