5 Ways to make your Cooking Gas last Longer (Ultimate Guide)

How to make your Cooking Gas last Longer

How to make cooking gas last longer
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If you are cooking with your cooking gas every day without giving it space, then your gas can last between 2 - 4 weeks depending on many factors. Here are 5 ways you can make your Cooking Gas last longer.

Since the rise in the price of cooking gas, every person who uses cooking gas wants to know how to manage their gas and how to make their cooking gas last longer. Whether you are using 3kg or 6kg cooking gas, I am very sure that at the end of this article, you will find value and also know how to make your cooking gas last longer and also, save you some money.

How long your cooking gas will last cannot be justified by just one factor. It can't be predicted and that's just the fact. Cooking gas is highly inflammable and how it will last will solely depend on how you use it.

Unlike stove and firewood for cooking that can be predicted, how long a cooking gas will last cannot be predicted. Many factors will determine if your 6kg will last or finish in a very short time.

I use 3kg and I fill every 4 weeks. My friend who uses 6kg too also refills her gas every 2 months (at least 10 weeks). However, I noticed that this is possible because we are still students who only cook for ourselves.

In my own opinion, to make a 6kg cooking gas last longer, you need to change your way of cooking and way of using your gas. My friend who has been able to use her 6kg cooking gas for 10 weeks revealed some secrets that help her keep her cooking gas to the last longer and below are a few of the things she does.

These methods are not for only 6kg cooking gas, as far as you are using cooking gas, you need to put these methods into practice to make your cooking gas last longer.

The 5 Ways to Make your Cooking Gas last longer are;

1. Use stainless pot
2. Don't cook beans with Gas
3. Lower your Gas while cooking
4. Use the correct Gas burner
5. Services and clean your Gas

1. Use stainless pots

Remember you are using gas to cook. The high and longer it takes to off your gas will determine the possibility that your cooking gas will last longer. To save gas, use stainless pots that are good conductors of heat. These stainless pots will help your food to be cooked in a very short time and will age your gas. If you use stainless pot this month, you will notice that your gas that use to last 3 weeks can now last 4-5 weeks.

2. Don't cook beans with Gas

You will agree with me that beans is one of the foods that take a long time before it is done. The calculation is simple. The longer it takes for you to off your gas the high possibility that your gas will finish soon. Cooking beans with cooking gas will only make you be refilling your gas now and then. If you must cook beans, you should use another method of cooking. It is either you stop using cooking gas to cook beans or you stop complaining that your cooking gas doesn't last. You just need to pick one.

3. Lower Your Gas while cooking

Your cooking gas should always show blue flames while cooking instead of yellow flames. When your gas is showing yellow, it means it is too high and you need to lower it. Gas is inflammable and it will not hesitate to disappear at any given chance. Keep your cooking gas low today and enjoy a lasting gas while you cook your food.

4. Use the correct Gas Burner

There is a reason why gas burners are different. Depending on your pot, choose the burner that will be able to cover your pot only. If you are using a big burner with a small pot, just know that your cooking gas will waste due to the error in the burner. The pot must be able to cover the burner completely. Anything apart from that will result in a waste of gas. You might be wondering that even though you cooked little food, your gas still doesn't last, it's due to an error from the gas burner.

5. Service and Clean your Gas

Always make sure that your gas burner is not blocked. This can lead to gas wastage. Clean your gas and the burner as often as possible. When the burner is not blocked, the flames will come directly to the pot and you can get your food cooked as soon as possible.


For those who want to know how long a cooking gas will last, you need to understand that the answer cannot be predicted. It all lies in your hands.

How you use your cooking gas, how many times you cook in a day, what type of food you cook and other factors have a great role to play on how long your 6kg cooking gas will last.

Important Key points on how to make your Cooking Gas last longer:

• How long your cooking gas lasts cannot be predicted but can be managed.

• What you cook and how many times you cook will determine how long your gas will last.

• Certain food such as Beans can make your cooking gas finish in a very short time.

• The kind of pot you use on your cooking gas also has its role to play.

I'm a Nurse, wellness, and nutrition informant. I have worked with many health publishers in the past before creating InformantBlog InformantBlog.

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