Ewe Bomubomu Health Benefits and Diabetes Treatment

Ewe Bomubomu For Diabetes, Spiritual uses of Ewe Bomubomu, Health Benefits of Bomubomu Leaf

Bomubomu leaf has been said to be able to cure diabetes and other ailments. This article shed some light on Ewe Bomubomu and its health benefits.

Diabetes is a disease caused by too much sugar in the body, And to cure it, there is a need to get rid of the sugar in the body system to the normal level. It must not be too low either. Managing diabetes is common, but there is a new method of curing diabetes with the use of a native leaf known as Ewe Bomubomu. Ewe Bomubomu and diabetes.

This article is a complete guide on how to use Ewe Bomubomu to permanently cure Diabetes just by following simple steps.

Ewe Bomubomu Health Benefits and Diabetes Treatment
Ewe Bomubomu

Ewe Bomubomu and diabetes, Spiritual uses of Ewe BomuBomu, Asiri Ewe Bomubomu, Health benefits Ewe Bomubomu.

I was searching about the authenticity of this leaf and I came across many people talking about the health benefits of Ewe Bomubomu, and which curing diabetes is part of those benefits.

I believe this is an opportunity for anyone suffering from diabetes to stop wasting money on drugs and make use of this Ewe Bomubomu.

Ewe Bomubomu is known as Sodom Apple in the English Language, and its scientific or botanical name is Solanum incanum. It is a common leaf that can be found almost everywhere in Nigeria and other African Countries.

The spiritual uses and benefits of Ewe Bomubomu are numerous, It can be used to drive away Snake from the house and cure pile. Today, we shall focus on how to use Ewe Bomubomu to cure diabetes and other Heath benefits of this amazing leave.

How to use Ewe Bomubomu to cure/treat Diabetes

Ewe Bomubomu can be used to cure diabetes by simply placing the leave under your feet and cover with socks.

Here is how to do it:

1. Pluck two Ewe Bomubomu leaves.

2. Turn the leaf and place the back under your feet.

3. Wear socks on both feet to cover them.

4. Leave it overnight and remove it in the morning.

5. Repeat it until the sugar level is corrected.

Ewe Bomu-bomu is a good method of controlling the high sugar level in the body. And if done consistently, that will be the end of that diabetes. This remedy has been used by many people and it is confirmed to be very effective.

Ewe Bomubomu is known to control the sugar level in the body, however, it can cure diabetes if used for a very long time. 

Ewe Bomubomu and Diabetes

Ewe Bomubomu is a natural way to cure Diabetes. It involves putting the leaf under your feet covered with socks while going to bed and removing the leaf in the morning.

If you have to spend money on diabetes treatment or you have been managing diabetes for a very long time, it is the right time to try out Ewe Bomubomu to combat it.

Spiritual Uses of Ewe Bomubomu

The spiritual uses of Ewe Bomubomu are:

1. It drives snake away from home

2. It treats pile

3. It cures toothache

4. It Increases breast milk

• It treats malaria

Health Benefits of Ewe Bomubomu

The health benefits of Sodom Apple Leaf also known as Ewe Bomubomu are;

1. It Increases Breast Milk Production:

Ewe Bomubomu can be used to increase the production of breast milk for new mothers and women in general. To achieve this, kindly soak the leaf inside water for some minutes, then grind to extract the juice from the leaf. After that, rub the extracted juice on both breasts. Breast milk production will follow.

2. It can be used to treat Typhoid:

To use Sodom Apple to treat typhoid, kindly soak the leaf with Palm-wine and Milk for 24 hrs and begin to use morning and night with food. If Palm-wine is not available or you don't want to use it, you can make use of original schnapps and Milk.

3. It cures Toothache:

Pluck Bomubomu leaf and apply the white water that comes out from it directly to the affected tooth. After that, chew the leaf's root in the affected area.

4. It cures stomachache:

Ewe Bomubomu is not poisoning, you can eat it. To use this leaf to treat stomach aches (not stomach ulcers), soak the gin and dry gin and drink afterward.

5. It treats measles/Chickenpox:

To use Bomubomu leaf to treat measles or chickenpox, grind the leaf and mix with black soap then bath with it. It will dry off the measles and the pox.

6. It treats Malaria:

Ewe Bomubomu can be used to treat malaria when cooked with lemongrass and lime. Cook the leaf with lemongrass and lime with water then drink afterward with Food.

7. It is good for High Blood pressure / Hypertension:

To use Ewe Bomubomu for High BP/hypertension, you will boil the leaf with sandpaper leave (Ewe Eripin) for about 30 minutes and drink morning and night before bed. You are advised to take a very small quantity of this drink after you have cooked it together because it is very strong.

8. It reduces pain from scorpion sting:

Sodom Apple is also known as Ewe Bomubomu, it works for scorpion sting like magic. Just pluck the leaf and inhale the whitish water that looks like milk coming out from the leaf. Inhale the water with your nose until the pain vanish.

9. It cures Arthritis / Joints pains:

For those suffering from arthritis and other joint pains like joints in the hand, leg, or even neck, pluck Bomubomu leaf and heat it, and place it around the affected area. Do this like 3 times daily. The pain will disappear.

To heat the leaf, you can put it on the cover of your pot while cooking. When you noticed that the leaf is heated up, kindly place it on the affected area.

10. It cures Whitlow:

Squeeze the leaf and rub the water on the area where Whitlow is. 

11. It works for swollen Hands/Leg:

Squeeze the leave and wrap around the swollen Hand or Leg.

12. It removes dark spots from the face and body:

To use Ewe Bomubomu to remove dark spots from the face and body parts, pluck the leaf and get the whitish water from it, use the whitish water to rub where the dark spots are and wash off after some minutes. Do this every time until the spots disappear.

These are 12 different health benefits of Bomubomu Leaf.

You can add yours in the comments section if you know anyone that is not on the list.

Ewe Bomubomu Names in different Languages:

Yoruba: Ewe Bomubomu.

English Language: Sodom Apple.

Hausa: Tumfafiya.

Igbo: I don't know it.

Ewe Bomubomu Health Benefits and Diabetes Treatment

Ewe Bomubomu can be combined with other things for human benefits. Such as Ewe Bomubomu ati ori (shea butter), Ewe Bomubomu ati eyin (egg), and Ewe Bomubomu ati eyin agric.

For those who know how to use it, ewe Bomubomu is an all-around medical leaf.

Summary: Ewe Bomubomu is a medicinal leaf that is been used to treat all kinds of diseases such as diabetes, typhoid, malaria, and many more. It is available almost everywhere in the world. Take advantage of Ewe Bomubomu today to treat Diabetes and other spiritual uses.

I'm a Nurse, wellness, and nutrition informant. I have worked with many health publishers in the past before creating InformantBlog InformantBlog.

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